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Life of a Hair Stylist (Appreciation Post)

Hair stylists, also known as hairdressers, hair technicians or hair designers. These are some of the most important technicians in the beauty industry that are utterly not appreciated.

A normal day in the life of a hair stylist can be very hectic depending on the type of salon that you work in and the days you work. You only get to relax during mid month days, after that, the hectic side of the salon starts. That's when you open early for the morning starters around 7 am and close late for the "party clients" that usually leave around 11 pm at most.

Amid all these stressful circumstances, a hair stylist job can be very rewarding. You are a contributing factor to making people feel good and confident about themselves and giving them the look and feel that they may never have tried before.

To maintain a complete customer satisfaction you have to include small talks with customers while they are waiting to be served or in the process of styling them. At times, you become a shoulder to cry on for sad customers and sometimes you get offered drinks for 'celebrating customers'. This means that, Depending on who your're dealing with, your day can end up either dramatically sad or exciting. Socializing and befriending your customers can be very essential when you want to retain them.

It becomes your job to make sure that customers leave happy, looking good and feeling confident at all times, whilst also guaranteeing they have the look and style they requested. But sometimes, that can be difficult to achieve. You will get customers that will request hairstyles they previously googled and require you to provide the exact replica, whilst not taking in consideration their face shapes and type of hair they have. In this case, you may have to suggest options which could either make a client unhappy and never come back therefore ruining your day, or this could make the client more excited and eager to try out your options. Its the little things when working in a salon that will make or break your day.

I had a one on one talk with one of my hair stylists, and this is what she wishes that every customer knew

  • Stylist truly value their relationship with you.

To a stylist, you're not just another customer they serve, you form a real bond and they are invested in that relationship as much as you are.

  • Don't negotiate Pricing

It honestly happens more than you think. The salon competition is always very tight therefore the prices still remain very low for these services. Yes, you have a good time whilst at the salon, but at the end of the day, this is how stylists make their living.

  • Speak up if you're unhappy with the results

Stylists always want you to leave the salon happy as much as you do. Hair is an important crown a woman can ever wear, so don't be afraid to let your stylist know if your service did not turn out the way you wanted it to.

  • Get to your appointment on time