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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

@jasminebeautysalon_ We have finally launched our Luxury Stick on nails and we couldn't be more ecstatic with the feedback we've received so far from our regular and new customers. We have released more than 10 designs and we looking forward to launching more in the next coming weeks.

Jasmine Luxury Stick-on nails are custom made, reusable up to 3 times and last for more than a month on each use. They contain ultra shine gel polish and have 14 pieces inside for your convenience.


Gift Box packing, Luxury Stick on Nails, How to guide leaflet, Adhesive, Cuticle Pusher stick, Buffer and Portable carry bag

The current set is categorized under the most affordable sets that are made for the consumers that would usually want simple designs but sexy and also easy to install.

When purchasing, you have the option to choose any color you want on that specific set, as well as the shape of the sets.

The sets come in different sizes. Small, Medium and Large. Check out the Jasmine Measurement guide to ensure the correct order.

How to install?

Getting the perfect nails that lasts for more than a month has never been this easy. Below is a How to Guide short video that will help you install your nails within just 15min.